Jun 14 • 7M

Table Gardens Are The Worst

You spent a lot of of money trying to grow vegetables in an elevated planter, and now you're wondering why it didn't work. Well, it didn't work because table gardens are the worst.

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I was recently speaking to a friend about her new garden, and how she was unable to have success last year growing kale, her favorite vegetable. She spent a lot of money getting it set up, and she was very disappointed with the outcome. When I asked how she had set up her gardens, she explained that she had used elevated planters (aka table gardens). The following article is my attempt to prevent anyone from ever trying this again, because table gardens are the worst.

This is the garden of a friend of mine. She’s had it for a number of years and has never been satisfied with the results.

The sell

What could be more appealing? A vegetable garden at countertop height, with no bending, squatting or kneeling. If your soil is no good, or is very rocky, or too wet - no problem - because an elevated planter is essentially a box on top of a table, so you just fill it with good soil bought from a store. Instant garden! What could go wrong?

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