Who am I

For those that are new to my content - my name is Greg Auton and I am host of the Maritime Gardening Podcast and YouTube Channel. I maintain a 2,500 square foot organic vegetable garden in Nova Scotia, Canada. My approach to gardening is all about getting great results with a minimal input of time, work and money. I have a YouTube Channel, a podcast, and I now write a weekly article that I publish here at Substack.com.

Why I’m Writing These Articles

Print is a medium that allows writers to be more deliberate and precise in their choice of words, and to organize their thoughts more carefully. The articles here explore and expand on ideas that I mention in my videos and podcasts. If you like the way I “come at things” in my videos and podcasts - I think you’ll like these written articles even more.

One article a week

My goal is to put out one article a week, with a “read aloud” option for those that prefer audio to print. That’s 52 articles a year for $30; or try it for a month for $5 and see what you think. It’s a great way to help support every thing I’m doing here, and you get access to all the content that I create.

I want your feedback!!!

Tell me what you think - comment on my articles.

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Maritime Gardening

Maritime Gardening is a YouTube channel and podcast for gardeners who want to do less work and spend less money to grow their own organic food.