May 17 • 9M

Four Garden Weeds Worthy of Cultivation

In this article I talk about dandelions, sorrel, dock, and lamb's quarters, and why I don't mind having these weeds in my garden.

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It’s mid-May, and with the exception of the odd warm day, the nights are still cold, and the new seedlings are coming along slowly. Everything I’ve sown in the garden is still quite small – so it’s nice to have a few hardy perennial greens in the garden ready for harvest, even if they are weeds! In this article I talk about the ones that I keep in my garden.

These dandelions are an Italian variety. I keep them in a dedicated spot in my garden. Most things don’t grow well in this shady spot, but the dandelions are thriving!

Dandelion Greens (4 to 8 plants)

According to Wikipedia, dandelions have been around for about 30 million years, and most ancient civilizations have records speaking to their use as food and/or medicine. Despite this fact, most gardeners treat these old friends like cockroaches, the be

destroyed on sight. Granted, they will take over if you let them, but that should not dissuade of from making use of these wonderfully abundant plants. The best time to pick them is early in the season. They are at their best before flowers develop; they are

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