May 3

Understanding The Importance of the Sun

We gardeners spend a lot of time contemplating soil health and soil composition. These things are important, but they get you nowhere if you do not have enough sun.

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We are all taught in school that plants do this thing called “photosynthesis”; that it involves light; and, that by virtue of photosynthesis, plants suck in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen and convert the sun to energy they can store and use as needed... but I don’t think we fully grasp how amazing that is; and as gardeners, I really don’t think we give it enough thought when designing and planning our gardens.

Everything Needs Energy

Every living thing on the planet needs energy to perform the activities that allow it to survive and perpetuate itself. Animals get their energy from other animals, or from plants. Plants get their energy from the sun.

This forest is a massive solar energy unit! (

This simple fact is amazing when you consider that the finest minds in the world are all trying to find ways to generate energy without the use of fossil fuels, while a simple blade of grass does this effortlessly.

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